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Scuba Diving


Tariff valid from August 2014 till September 2015

Fun Dives

Daily Diving

Discover Scuba Diving (for first timers and non certified divers; 1 dive) Rs.4,500
Discover Scuba Extra Dive (1 extra dive on same day as original DSD) Rs.1,500
Day Diving (for certified divers only) - 2 dives/day Rs.4,500
Night Dive (for certified divers only) Rs.3,000
Bubblemaker (1 dive for first timers aged between 8 and 10 years old) Rs.5,000
Full Scuba Review including 1 dive Rs.5,000
Lite Scuba Refresher including 2 dives Rs.5,000

Dive Packages (certified divers only)

3 days / 6 dives Rs.13,000
4 days / 8 dives Rs.17,000
5 days / 10 dives Rs.21,000
6 days / 12 dives Rs.25,000
Additional day/per 2 additional dives (after 6 days/beyond 12 dives) Rs.3,500

  • Dive with Enriched Air (Nitrox) if qualified for Rs. 400 extra per cylinder.
  • Discounts: We offer 10% discount to professional divers in current status, 10% discount for use of own equipment (full set), 10% discount for groups (4 or more people) and 10% discount if for additional dives to current Barefoot Scuba students. If eligible under 2 or more discount categories, the maximum discount given is 15%.
  • Night dives are not included in dive packages.
  • Non diving passengers accompanying a diver are charged between Rs.500-Rs.750 depending upon distance to dive site and is subject availability of spaces


Basic entry-level certification courses

PADI Scuba Diver (2 dives) Rs.15,000
PADI Open Water (4 dives) Rs.20,000

Advanced level certification courses

PADI Adventure Diver (3 dives) Rs.12,000
PADI Advanced Open Water (5 dives) Rs.15,500

Rescue diver training courses

Emergency First Responder (CPR/First Aid training) Rs.9,000
PADI Rescue Diver Rs.16,000

Specialty training courses

Nitrox, Photography, National Geographic, Peak Performance Buoyancy (2 dives) (Enriched Air Nitrox academic course only without dives available at Rs.5,000) Rs.9,500
Night, Deep, Wreck (includes 3 dives: add Rs.2,000 for 4th dive if required) Rs.11,500

All course prices above include all certification charges to PADI, equipment rental and books/slates/training materials that the student is required to purchase.

Professional Training Courses

Dive Master course only (only experienced divers, no dives included) Rs.34,000
Dive Master "Go Pro" Internship (1 month, including course dives) Rs.69,000
Assistant Instructor Rs.39,500
Emergency First Response Instructor Rs.19,500

Certification charges on above Professional pages are not included and are to be paid by the student directly to PADI.

Course Packages

Discover Scuba Diving + Open Water combo Rs.22,000
Open Water + Advanced Open Water combo Rs.32,000
Open Water + Advanced Open Water + Enriched Air Nitrox combo (9 dives) Rs.39,500
Advanced Open Water + Enriched Air Nitrox combo (5 dives) Rs.21,000
Advanced Open Water + Enriched Air (Nitrox) combo (7 dives) Rs.23,000
EFR + Rescue combo Rs.21,500
EFR + Rescue + Divemaster (course dives only) combo Rs.51,000
EFR + Rescue + Divemaster (full dives) combo Rs.82,000

Certification charges to PADI on DM, AI, EFRI courses included in any of these combos are to be paid additionally and separately by the client, equipment rental and books/slates/training materials the student is required to purchase.

Trips off the beaten track

Speedboat trip to Barren Island (daytrip with 3 dives) Rs.16,000
Speedboat trip to Invisible Bank (daytrip with 3 dives)) Rs.16,000
Speedboat trip to Long Island/Campbell Shoal (daytrip with 3 dives) Rs.12,000
Speedboat trip to 3 of our best local sites (daytrip with 3 dives) Rs.6,500
Wooden Excursion boat to Barren Island (including 3 dives, 24 hrs round trip) Rs.11,000

Minimum participants for speedboat is 5 and maximum is 6 pax. Minimum for excursion boat is 6 participants..