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We care for these islands. It is our sincere endeavour to ensure that none of our activities cause any damage to the fragile eco system of these islands.

Whether we have the privilege of hosting your stay at the Andamans or not, kindly remember the following points during your visit.

  • Wherever you choose stay, you are a guest of these islands. Please do not throw garbage and create litter.
  • When visiting beaches, please do not leave anything on the beach and carry all the waste back to the resort. It is the small things that make a big difference.
  • Be particular of the boat you are travelling by for activities like snorkeling or fishing, try to ensure it is not leaking fuel.
  • While snorkelling or diving please do not stand on the reef or break corals. Let us only take back memories and a desire to return to these islands.
  • Majority of these islands are run on electricity produced through generators. We shudder to think the harmful effects of all the smoke and pollution as a result of this. Hence do your part to reduce electricity consumption and switch off all fans, air conditioners and lights when leaving your room.
  • Waste management is a big problem on islands and a majority of the waste comes in the form of plastic. Please carry a cloth bag or knapsack when visiting the market areas so you can avoid carrying items you buy in plastic bags handed to you by the shopkeeper. Small contributions like this go a long way in keeping the islands as beautiful and as pristine as they are.
  • Our sincerest plea to all of you is not to disturb the innocent lives of the local tribals. Even if someone offers to take you to glimpse or meet them for a price, please refrain yourselves from the same. Such activities are prohibited and punishable by law. These tribals have lived in isolation for centuries and human contact has already done enough damage to their lives, let us not influence their way of life anymore.
  • Let us preserve these islands for generations to come as it is not just our duty but also our responsibility. Together we can and we will.