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Game Fishing


  • The Andaman Islands form a breathtakingly beautiful and relatively untouched archipelago situated by the Andaman Sea in the Bay of Bengal. Only 36 of 572 islands are inhabited, leaving 86% of the landmass under protected forest cover. Tropical rainforests abound in rare and endemic species of flora and fauna. With no commercial fishing aloud the reefs are virtually untouched, giving the fish a chance to grow to colossal sizes.

  • Huge masses of water are pulled through the islands by the tides each day providing the smaller fish with an abundance of food, giving the predators plenty to eat and grow. The Islands have large mangroves forests which provide excellent nursing ground for the juvenile fish.

  • With so many reef systems being undiscovered you are likely to hook in to some real monsters. Be prepared for a fishing adventure that will certainly put you and your gear to the ultimate test.

  • Mike grew up in Oman and has over 17 years of experience fishing tropical waters. Spending his teenage years game fishing for large tuna and dorado, he has developed a 6th sense in fish location and will put you in the best possible areas.

  • He came to the Andaman Islands for the first time in 2008, here he fell in love with the pure beauty of the islands and the amazing fishing. Starting is career fishing the Andaman's on the local boats with no sonar or GPS he became an expert in finding the fish. Now we have up graded to a speed boat so we are able to reach the far away reefs which are out of reach for most of the local fishing boats.

  • Mike's Fishing Adventures is based at Havelock Island in the Andaman Islands, where the pristine waters surrounding us hold record breaking fish.

  • Our itineraries range from half day trips, day trips, multiple day packages and bespoke exploration excursions. Itineraries may include full day fishing trips broken up with snorkeling or a jungle trek in thick forests. Exploring the islands with near virgin reef systems ideal for popping or deep water reefs where the jigging can be out of this world.

  • David began fishing canals and ponds for murrel and carp during his formative years in boarding school. He was encouraged in his endeavors by a teacher or two who quickly realized the benefits of freshly caught fish on the table. He soon graduated to spinning for golden masheer during the summer holidays in the lower ranges of the Teesta which originates in North Sikkim.

  • While posted at Chennai he became an avid surfcasting angler but soon began venturing offshore on local fishing boats. A 2009 visit to the Andamans endend up in him relocating to the Andamans.

  • This much can be said – no two trips are the same and the big surprises are what make each trip so unique and worthwhile.

  • At Mike's Fishing Adventures we are driven by our love for fishing in the Andaman Islands, by a desire to share its wonderment with others and by the conviction to conserve our marine resources.

  • If visiting the Andaman Islands and hooking in to large GT's or Doggies has been a long-standing dream, if you love to explore and fish pristine fishing grounds then come take a trip with Mike's Fishing Adventures. He'll show you the Andaman Islands like no one else can.

  • To know more visit us at www.wildandamans.com or drop us an email right away on holidays@barefootindia.com and receive expert help from the Andaman specialists waiting to assist you.