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A striking example of a company that that is driven by sheer passion and a sense of dedication that knows no bounds, the inception of the Barefoot Group is an interesting and inspiring story.

There was no doubt immense potential in these undulating Islands and there was the desperate need to protect its fragile environs. The Barefoot Group spearheaded by Mr. Samit Sawhny was thus born in late 2002 with a vision to promote responsible eco-tourism in greenfield areas in India by creating a network of ecologically and socially sustainable, low impact and high value resorts of international quality.

The name ‘Barefoot' chosen for its ‘back to nature' connotations reflects the fact that The Barefoot group is an environment-friendly organisation. By 2004, the famous Barefoot at Havelock Resort at Beach No.7, in Havelock was set up. Over the years The Barefoot group has made tremendous progress and has contributed immensely to the growth of tourism in the Andaman Islands.